Plan B for the lawn

My quest to grow grass in front of my home’s sidewalk continues!

During the summer of 2010, the lawn in front of my house’s sidewalk…died.  Same thing with the lawn just in front of my house.

So I initiated Plan A:  Replace all the lawn with turf purchased from Home Depot.   After much work removing the old lawn and laying down the new turf, it looked beautiful.  It stayed looking beautiful for nearly a year…and then it all died.  Completely.   The direct sun and the lack of rain in midsummer killed it.

So…Plan B!  I ripped all that dead turf out…and laid down fertilized soil and heat-tolerant lawn seed.  Then I purchased a few “soaker” water hoses to water them.

Then Hurricane Irene made a visit.

the hurricane washed away about 60% of the plantings in front of the sidewalk.

Arrggh.  I think I’m cursed.

So…this weekend, I did it all over again.  Purchased fertilized soil and lawn seed.  Placed it all again.  I also picked up some straw from Agway’s and put that on top…hopefully to keep it from washing away again!!!!!

Here’s the lawn…or “to-be” lawn…with straw spread on top to hopefully keep the grass and fertilizer there!

October 5, 2011:  UPDATE The grass in growing in nicely.

Late November 2011 UPDATE:  Looks like the grass is fully grown in.  Looks great.  Let’s see if it lasts the dry season next summer!


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