Yet another rambling, undisciplined poem by me…

Yet another poorly written pseudo-poem by me.  The word, “poem” is waaay too self-complimentary.  Call it a ramble with a few rhyming words.   A troll called people like me “sheep”, so I wrote this in reply.  Again, I find it…relaxing…to respond to trolls with rhyme.  It’s about one of the gazillion GOP presidential debates for the 2012 election…

In Des Moines they “debated”, self proclaimed warriors all,
To beg, borrow, steal, for the chance to battle their proclaimed Great Satan next fall,

Paul wants only churches to grant the right to marry,
While Bachmann, well, she’s downright scary.

Gingrich says, nothing, really, but in his special long winded way,
While Perry says to get out of this mess, all we have to do is pray, pray, pray 

(and execute people).

But things get close…sort…of 
When Santorum cries over people Googling him and witheld love

Not to be beat, Herman Cain, as quick as a dancer,
Then wept and wept about his colon cancer.

With 14 MILLION unemployed 
And the American working class almost destroyed,

The Dems looked on in dismay…
Are THESE the so-proclaimed “toughs” with whom we must play?

First Boehner cries often and like the cowardly lion
Then McConnell only grants tears for 18 minutes in fear…
…of losing his favorite aide who knows the tricks of the trade…

These crybabies are the ones to call us sheep?
When all these creeps do is weep, weep, weep?


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