A Poorly Written Poem

This is a reply on Facebook…I find it easier to respond in rhyme to trolls.   “Poem” is too much of a compliment for the below.  Think of it as more of a ramble with some rhyming words to make it slightly more readable…

It’s an answer to a troll asking me what I wish to see and warning me about fascism from what I guess are government programs supporting the common good…

What is it that I wish to see?
More of what was taught to me and thee.

As Catholicism teaches, health care for all
Because it’s right THERE and perfectly clear,

In our Catechism on paragraph 2288
And as it’s commanded – really – it’s not up for debate.

And much MUCH more of a government commitment to the Catholic concept of the common good
Like the Living Wage – another Catholic invention- it must be understood.

For the last 120 years,
Teaching such matters to oft-deaf ears
These great teachers were often driven nearly to tears:

Leo, Pius, John, and Paul

 Not to mention the great John-Paul
They wrote and wrote

preached and preached
They traveled the world
And teached and teached

With encyclical after encyclical
Book after book

It is the the plight of the POOR
That government (yes), church and each one of us
Must look

And to do that, respect must be given
They told us, they taught us, they wrote us, they were indeed driven!

To unions, yes, that IS what they wrote
Because they’re “mediating institutions”, I do NOT misquote!

From Rerum Novarum and 

Quadragesimo Anno- as bright as snow

With GREAT wisdom these books are aglow:

Respect for workers, a pillar indeed
of everything Catholicism teaches in its creed


The economy exists for the betterment of all
And as Gaudium et Spes insists, the economy’s FIRST port of call

Are the *least* of us, NOT the wealthy
And that too much accumulated wealth is morally and economically unhealthy

These core teachings say this, I do NOT tell lies
If you don’t believe me, look them up with your own eyes!

Instead…as I watched those debates, I was saddened to see
Santorum, Gingrich – loudly and lousy self proclaimed Catholics deux,
The majority of their own religion’s teachings…they smoothly eshew!

Rather…they teach a strange creed
That greed is good
With that, I WILL NOT agree

Then they insist that all government is evil!

Sorry, my and their sources teach us that such beliefs create
guaranteed and total upheaval….

(…especially for the poor and unemployed).

The poor and unemployed are so seldom mentioned by them…
…such suffering is quite beyond their comprehension.

Fascism you say?
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps one day

You’ll pick up a book
On the matter and look

To see the definition by one of its founders
Mussolini, got the definition right – no man got it sounder:

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

Make up your own mind who the uber-wealthy devour…
When money equals “free speech”…it’s the uber-wealthy who are the dictators of power.


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