The New Latin Rite Liturgy: Did Jesus Speak like that?

Does anyone really think that Jesus spoke to the masses in garbled sentences?

Admittedly, I haven’t had the chance yet to read through the entire new Latin Rite’s liturgy. I’ve read a few reviews and a sampling here and there, though. Here’s my quick, quick take on such an apparently clunky translation and its already oft-described disconnect from the layman:

It’s very safe to say that when Jesus preached, he preached in the everyday language of Aramaic to the everyday person. He almost certainly didn’t preach to the masses in a formalized language (Hebrew) that the people would have trouble understanding. The same goes for St. Peter, and reading St. Paul, he, too, spoke clearly and in understandable language.

If we wish to imitate Christ, then I suggest we start, you know, acting like Him and using plain speech whenever possible. I venture to say that Christ’s reaction to making the liturgy harder to understand and clunky to pronounce…well, He’d likely have an interesting parable to say about that. Probably a parable about placing rocks in one’s mouth before speaking doesn’t make for clear understanding!

As someone posted on Facebook about the matter: “What the heck is consubstantial”?

Does anyone really think Jesus spoke like that?


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