Nice Article – “How Ayn Rand became the new right’s version of Marx”

Thanks to Marc Thompson on Make It Plain for finding this well written article in The Guardian:

Quick thoughts after reading the above article…

A lot of what Ayn Rand wrote was eerily like Marx:

  • Marx’s “Property is theft” turned into “Taxation is theft”
  • Marx made heroes, essentially, of the proletariat, casting them in the role of the producers and the wealthy (capitalists) as parasites. Rand turned that around and made heroes of the capitalist wealthy, casting them in the role of “producers”, and of the poor as “parasites”
  • Where Marxism preached the supremacy of the collective where everyone owns everything and thus no one owns anything, she taught the supremacy of selfishness and hyper-individualism

…I can go on with the anti-comparison, but it’s too creepy. Obviously, she had such a hatred of communism (as the communists were enemies of her family), that she attempted to create its exact opposite. Anyone who attributes depth of meaning to her writings is really complimenting, in a strange and unconscious way, Marx, as she obviously used Marxism as an anti-model, with little original thought of her own, outside of her near-worship of sociopathic behaviors of the child murderer-and-dismemberer William Edward Hickman.  Reference here for one of many summaries about this evil man that she so admired.  Warning:  It’s not for the faint of heart.

I have to emphasize, though, and the article touches on it, that while Alan Greenspan worshiped the woman, I think he partially did so as she attempted to create a morality around the very selfish Austrian School of Economics, where Mises and Hayek taught that true democracy is not through one man, one vote, but rather, through one dollar one vote- a bias clearly in favor of the wealthy. They also taught a contempt for unions, a living wage, indeed, for social justice, distributive justice, or any value-based economics.   Hayek taught that we should never treat one another as neighbors in favor of an unregulated, savage marketplace- as ugly a notion as can be. Greenspan probably worships Rand as she tried to place a thin veneer of philosophy in front of such an antisocial, anti-humanist, anti-Judeo-Christian-Islamic creed.


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