On Caterpillars and Women’s Rights

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‎”Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

Lewis Carroll included that question in “Alice in Wonderland”. He didn’t have an answer for it. It was supposed to be nonsensical.

But people can always compare two things, and if we look hard enough and long enough, sooner or later, people *will* find a commonality of some sort.

That commonality doesn’t mean that a given analogy is a strong one or a weak one. It just means that everything has *something* in common. People can then grab onto that comparison (no matter how weak!) with a bulldog grip and not let go.

In regard to Reinhold Reince Priebus’s “War on Caterpillar” analogy to the very real “War on Women”, he was committing a logical fallacy by creating an obviously weak analogy.

Not that he cared. It’s enough to throw out such statements, as silly as they are, to act as distractions from what is really going on in regard to women’s rights. In that, he sorta succeeded!

People refused for years, by the way, to accept that Lewis Carroll created a riddle without an answer. Over the decades, people came up with a number of answers to the above riddle:

– Because Edgar Allen Poe wrote on both
– Because there is a B in both and an N in neither
– They both have quills

Just because Mr. Priebius made a comparison doesn’t mean he made a *valid* one, for heaven’s sake. He’s such a silly fella!


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