Regarding Accusations of the Poor as “Sucking off the System”

I came across a posting somewhere that used coded language to blast the poor for being parasites that “suck off then system” and that the increase on those living in poverty due to this great recession represents an increase of parasitical activities to the point where that’s pretty much everything that’s going on.

This is the worst recession since the Great Depression. In fact, as it’s labeled by some economists as a depression, by the very definition of a recession/depression, how could anyone *not* expect a spike in such necessities as unemployment compensation and food stamps as during the worst economic crises in 80 years? Or for that matter, welfare, of which the vast majority of funding goes to helping children living in poverty?

Labeling such assistance with emotionally negative labels is the equivalent of blaming the poor for being poor, or the unemployed for being unemployed when there are close to three people unemployed for every open job in this country (certainly an improvement over 2010 (5:1) and 2011 (4:1), but not good enough by a long shot). It’s the equivalent of labeling the poor as “parasites” as Ayn Rand loved to do. It’s also the furthest thing possible from Jesus’ teachings. After all, his very first public statement as that He was came to “bring good news to the poor”. Would that we all should show such respect for the dignity of those living in poverty, rather than inferring that they are “parasites”.


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