Here I am in Qatar in 2003

What a haughty URL!!!

Renaissance Engineer?

That’s quite a mouthful.  It would take quite the ego to call oneself something like that!

I’m not calling myself that.  It’s much more of a goal than reality.

And like they say, the journey is the reward.

So…what does that expression mean?

Or rather, what is the real reference, which is “Renaissance Man”?

A Renaissance Man (or Woman!) tries to realize knowledge across a broad spectrum of subject areas.    Though the term is one that stems, of course, from the Renaissance, the quest for a broad base of knowledge goes back to at least the ancient Greeks.

Aristotle, a man of diverse interests himself, vigorously advocated that enlightenment came to those who were well versed in a variety of subjects.

Well that’s my humble goal!  A goal never to be reached, I’m sure..but refer to the above statement about the journey and rewards.  I well realize that hardly anyone or perhaps even no one will read this blog.  It’s not like I’m some marketing genius.  Rather, it’s a journey of expression for me to help organize my thoughts and stands.

I admit, too, that the goal or at least the title seems a bit haughty for me…so the day might come to come up with an alternative.  Perhaps “Silent Running” as I’m going to keep going, in the silence of no readership.  I’m not exactly recommended reading.

Yup.  I’m an engineer who works at a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the public interests in systems engineering and technology.  Of course, my views don’t represent my employer in any way.  My interests range from…

  • Engineering to
  • Technology to
  • Science to
  • Astronomy and Space to
  • Religion to
  • Social Justice to
  • Reading everything under the sun to
  • History to
  • Current events and politics to
  • Learning about other cultures to
  • Science Fiction and fantasy to
  • Bicycling to
  • Family Stuff! to
  • Taking care of the home….

The list goes on and on….

Anyways, welcome to a word viewed through what some call Attention Deficit Disorder.  Personally, most of us ADD people view everyone else as have Attention Abundance Disorder.   Visit my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/david.e.anthony.  If you are civil, I’d love to have you as a Facebook friend.


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